Saturday, 12 April 2014

New Website and Online Store is up!!

Make sure you take a look at our new website. We have new surf products and online shopping cart and a whole lot more so check it out at...

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cyclone Season Nov 2013 - Apr 2014

We are officially entering the cyclone season for the Southwest Pacific, meaning the East Coast of New Zealand will get its most active time of year for good solid groundswells!

On average, New Zealand experiences at least one ex-tropical cyclone passing within 550km of the country every year. For the coming TC season, the risk for New Zealand is slightly higher than normal. If an ex-tropical cyclone comes close to the country, it has a higher probability of passing east rather than west of Auckland city.

Peak cyclone season is usually from January to March. In seasons with similar background climate conditions to present, several tropical cyclones occurred over the Gulf of Carpentaria and countries near the International Date Line. In addition, TCs also occurred near Fiji, Tonga, and Niue while a few affected other areas. On average, nearly half of the tropical cyclones that developed since the 1969-70 season have reached hurricane force with mean wind speeds of at least 64 knots (118 km/h).

Friday, 6 September 2013

Surfshop re-design

We've been kept busy with an order of 8 Surfboard racks last week. The shop owner was re-designing and had a load of new stock for summer.

We will get a picture of the completed shop with our board racks when he's done.